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Fixing Lath and Plaster – Applying the Joint Compound

Lath and Plaster It’s been a while since I originally posted talking about what is needed to complete a lath and plaster repair.  There is so much one can learn by doing this and you will find that the more you do of this you will become more relaxed and significantly better at it. Understand… Continue reading »


Lath and Plaster – Tools Required

Now by no means am I an expert at lath and plaster – but I have experience (as the images show) some serious cracks and hence I have some valuable tips to share with you when your renovation adventure takes you down the path of lath and plaster repair.    Do the Right Thing –… Continue reading »


Lath and Plaster – Background

Lath and Plaster Renovations: Anyone who was a teenager and had a house party is well versed in the doorknob hole in the wall repair; this is to most of us the introduction to drywall and plaster repair. However unlike drywall and the act of quickly throwing poly-filler into a hole so your Dad won’t… Continue reading »


It begins….

I meant to get this going before the renovation began, but we’ve been a little busy with the actual renovations. So I’ll take a few posts to catch up and then will try to stay more up-to-date. We closed on the house on 8/31. The plan is to move out of our apartment in San… Continue reading »