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Focusing on the positive

I was thinking that my next post would be about all of the renovation projects we plan to do, or at least the near term ones. It would help me to think through our next steps by writing them down & start organizing them into something plan-like. But as I think through the enormity of… Continue reading »


How long should it take to unpack after moving?

Google has let me down. I thought it knew everything. So I thought I’d quickly go online and be able to figure out what the average time for unpacking after a move was. I’d either find that we were going at the right pace (doubtful) or were total slackers (much more likely). All I seemed… Continue reading »


Renovation of the Blue Room –

My last post on Renovation Adventure was showing the steps that were taken to build up the Red Room from its original state to one that we felt was a good first attempt at a bedroom renovation.  Jami and I have now changed our focus onto the Blue Room, and this room unlike the Red… Continue reading »


We’ve Moved!

After a month of working on the new house every weekend and spending most weeknights either packing or getting a few hours in at the new house, I’m excited to say that we’ve finally moved in! I’m sitting here in my new house enjoying a glass of wine after having the first non-pasta dinner we cooked in… Continue reading »