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Renovation of the Blue Room –

My last post on Renovation Adventure was showing the steps that were taken to build up the Red Room from its original state to one that we felt was a good first attempt at a bedroom renovation.  Jami and I have now changed our focus onto the Blue Room, and this room unlike the Red… Continue reading »


2nd Home Renovation Weekend

We’re about to start on the 3rd weekend of renovations so I suppose I should write about weekend #2 before they totally run together. Unlike Labor Day weekend, we only had 2 days to work so we were going to try to be Energizer bunnies and get lots done in those days. There were big… Continue reading »



There’s a new saying in my life that is making it increasingly difficult to get things done quickly: What would Mike Holmes do? Or WWMHD? For those of you who don’t know who Mike Holmes is, you obviously don’t spend most of your spare time watching HGTV. I, on the other hand, have gone from… Continue reading »