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Renovation Tips

If you are looking for Mike Holmes style instruction, or even Bob Vila I am sorry you have found the wrong site. Who am I? My name is Hugh and I come from a long line of folks who like to tinker and to basically do the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) type folk.

My Father Doug was third level black belt in tinkering, he would go to the dump and pull fans from the back of refrigerators to help make a dehydrator so we could preserve our harvest of apples and Italian prune plumbs.

My big brother Kelly inherited this gene as well as I did, however Kelly actually was a licensed gas fitter and has been able to move more towards plumbing and gas fitting DIY work, personally something that I find quite scary (any liquid or gas under pressure) and I freak out. I have sweated copper pipe before (under Kelly’s supervision) but its not something I would trust myself to do everyday.

Myself I have found a place doing flooring, Hardwood, drywall, finishing work, framing, basic electrical and irrigation work. I have found a niche gardening and landscaping as well – so there isn’t too much I wont do outside of dealing with a hot 220 volt line and tapping into a gas line.

The following pages consist of my various observations and tip and tricks when taking on a renovation or landscaping task, its not brain surgery by any means, but it if helps you or anyone you know in any way – what the heck, its worth it.

Next pages:
Lath and Plaster – Background
Lath and Plaster – Tools Required
Installing Hardwood Flooring

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