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Fortune cookie

We ordered in Chinese food for dinner tonight since we were both too tired to cook. When it came time for the fortune cookies, this is what mine said: But tomorrow is Saturday! A no alarm clock day. This fortune is sooooo not fair. We’ve got our first completely unscheduled weekend in ages. And I’m… Continue reading »


Getting started composting

Our renovation adventure isn’t limited to the inside of the house. We’ve started to adventure out in the back yard too. In addition to the never-ending quest to tame the growth back there, we’ve got big plans for a big garden overflowing with fruits and veggies. But the soil back there (among other things) needs… Continue reading »


Renovation goals for the rest of the year

I was just thinking about what we plan to accomplish for the rest of 2010 when it hit me that there really isn’t all that much time left. Especially since there are a lot of holidays and holiday-related activities thrown into these last 2 months. Without being overly-ambitious, this is what I realistically think we’ll… Continue reading »


Taking inventory

I’m a bad blogger. It’s been 3 weeks since my last post. Wish I had a good excuse, like I’ve totally finished unpacking. But the truth is, the time I haven’t spent blogging has not been used to complete unpacking even though we’ve been in the house for 6 weeks now. We are making progress… Continue reading »


Fixing Lath and Plaster – Applying the Joint Compound

Lath and Plaster It’s been a while since I originally posted talking about what is needed to complete a lath and plaster repair.  There is so much one can learn by doing this and you will find that the more you do of this you will become more relaxed and significantly better at it. Understand… Continue reading »