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Labor Day laboring

I suppose my resolution to start blogging again should include actually writing a post that has something to do with the topic of this blog – home renovation. Which means that I should actually do a project or 2 around the house. Fortunately, we just had a 3-day weekend so in addition to sleeping in,… Continue reading »


Introducing Wally – the cutest excuse for procrastinating

So the blog goes silent from December to September and all of the sudden there’s 2 posts in one day. Don’t expect this too often – based on my past history, consistently posting 1-2 times per week is my current goal. But this specific post is long overdue. One of the reasons for leaving San Francisco… Continue reading »


Bad blogger!

There’s no denying it – I am a very bad blogger. As all of my loyal readers (Hi Mom & Dad!) keep telling me, they’re a bit tired of reading about how I used a machete to break down compost. Last week hit a major milestone – 1 year of owning our house. So I… Continue reading »