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Introducing Wally – the cutest excuse for procrastinating

So the blog goes silent from December to September and all of the sudden there’s 2 posts in one day. Don’t expect this too often – based on my past history, consistently posting 1-2 times per week is my current goal.

But this specific post is long overdue. One of the reasons for leaving San Francisco for a house in the ‘burbs was to have a yard that was big enough for a vegetable garden (Hugh loves to grow veggies and I love to eat what he grows) and a dog. I’ll go into the garden update another time. Because the first order of business after my mea culpa for being absent is to introduce the biggest change to our house – our puppy Wally.

He’s not really a new change. We got him in January from a wonderful rescue in the Bay Area called Pound Puppy Rescue. They foster puppies, whole litters and their mommas in people’s homes to keep them out of shelters. We had talked about getting a puppy after all of our holiday travel was over. So I started stalking PPR’s website to check out the new litters. Hugh & I went to check out a dachshund-mix litter at one of their adoption events. Those puppies were very cute, and as I was checking them out I suddenly noticed that Hugh was gone. He had wandered over to another enclosure where this little guy was sitting all by himself:


Meeting Wally for the first time

How could you not take this little guy home?

That eye patch totally stole our hearts! We couldn’t believe that he was the last of his litter. I guess that he was just meant to be ours.

He’s an Australian Cattle Dog mix. We’re not sure what he’s mixed with. But he’s smaller than an average ACD and has shorter hair, so we’re guessing he’s mixed with some kind of terrier. We named him Wally (short for Wallaby). He’s about 10 months old now.

Enough of my blabbing, here are some puppy pics & a video:

Wally in his new crate

1st day home - getting settled in his new crate


Puppy napping
It was a big day for the little guy




And here are a few from more recent months:


dog chewing on stick
Wally’s favorite pastime – chewing on sticks
dog taking firewood
Did you cut all of these sticks for me?

dog with eye patch



I can’t blame the lack of blogging (for 8 MONTHS!) & project progress on him, but can you blame me for choosing to snuggle up to this little guy instead of hunkering down in the garage to paint?

 Snuggly puppy

That’s enough Wally pics for now – don’t want this to all go to his (adorable) little head. But he’s not camera-shy so you’ll see him show up on almost every project post going forward.

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