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Renovation goals for the rest of the year

I was just thinking about what we plan to accomplish for the rest of 2010 when it hit me that there really isn’t all that much time left. Especially since there are a lot of holidays and holiday-related activities thrown into these last 2 months.

Without being overly-ambitious, this is what I realistically think we’ll accomplish this year. Unfortunately, the bulk of the work will be the unsexy, under the house foundational stuff that no one who hasn’t seen our inspection reports will notice. But once we get this behind us we’ll be able to start tackling the more noticeable & fun projects in 2011.

 Under the house/foundation

  • Install sump pump & all the drainage-y things that go with it (obviously that’s Hugh’s project)
  • Seismic retrofit – leaving this one to professionals
  • Get all dirt away from the wood siding
  • Seal the cracks in the foundation (our foundation contractor actually said we should do this ourselves vs. paying him – how often do you hear that?)

foundation and crawl space 


  • New drawer pulls to replace the last of the shiny gold things in that room


  • Finish up the baseboards
  • Finish repairing the crack in the wall (lots of finishing to do in this little hallway)
  • Paint the walls
  • Install the transition pieces between the new floor in the hallway & the gazillion doors
  • Find a light fixture to replace the granny one we removed when we painted the ceiling (that will never be coming back)

 Red Room

  • Paint & reinstall the closet door (it was removed when the floor was refinished and hasn’t made its way back out of the garage yet)

Blue Room

  • After all of the pre-move work and looking at the rest of this list, I’ll be happy if we occassionally make the bed and put away our clean laundry.

And of course, FINISH UNPACKING. I shouldn’t have a problem finishing by Dec. 31, 3 months after we moved in. Right? Please don’t make me have to put this item on my 2011 to-do list.

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