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3rd Weekend: The Home Stretch

I’ve intended to stay more up-to-date with the postings, but the actual renovations + packing up our apartment keep taking up all of my time. Now I just need to survive until Tuesday. That’s moving day. And it’s coming up VERY soon. Fortunately this morning was the first time I was able to walk around our apartment without being totally stressed out about everything we still need to do to be ready by the time the movers show up at 9am Tuesday. It’s actually looking like we’ll have everything done in the new house & the old apartment that we need to get done before the move.

But now back to the updates on the pre-move renovation progress…

Last weekend was our 3rd and final pre-move renovation weekend where we were both available to work on the house. Actually, I was only able to be there on Sunday. But I’m going to make up for it tomorrow while Hugh is racing at the San Francisco Dragon Boat Festival on Treasure Island.

I showed up late on Saturday night and Hugh had about 80% of the bedroom done. He finished the bedroom & hallway on Sunday. Since I had nothing to do with the floor installation, I’ll let Hugh write about the details later. All I have to say is that the wood floor that he installed looks amazing!

Installing wood floor

Wood floor in progress

Hugh’s job for Sunday was to finish up the floor installation. The other thing that needed to be accomplished over the weekend was to do something about our “baseboards.” The quotes are there because the baseboards throughout the house are basically just 1×8 planks. And they really look like a bunch of planks were used. We knew that if we removed the “baseboards” and replaced them with baseboards that the plaster would come off with them. And repairing the bottom of both the bedroom walls was definitely not in the schedule.

So we decided to fancy-up what we had. We were going to add something interesting to the bottom and then a quarter-round to the top.

We cut off a bunch of samples for the bottom pieces during a previous trip to Home Depot. They sell them by the foot and don’t really give out samples, which is ridiculous since you really need to try them out the same way you would with paint samples. But we asked one of the guys who worked there and he said to go ahead and saw off a sample of whatever we wanted to take home. It was really hard to find one that didn’t look like we were slapping a piece of baseboard on a large plank (which we were). With the tall existing “baseboards” we needed to find something on the taller end. We finally settled on one and hoped it would look ok. It would definitely be an improvement so we didn’t have anything to loose.

We figured that we needed 8 15ft pieces of the baseboard & the quarter-rounds. Instead of renting a truck, Hugh managed to secure it all to the top of my Subaru Forester using the ski rack and then tying it down in the front & back. I trusted that he was able to make it secure, but still made him drive the car home.

Hauling baseboards

Who needs a truck when you have a Subaru and a ski rack?

He went back to finishing up the wood floor. I set up shop in the garage and painted all 240 ft of baseboard materials. I definitely recommend getting ones that are already primed so that you can skip that step – saved me tons of time.

btw – for those of you concerned about how my relationship with the ladder is going, I’m happy to report that this project brought us closer together. Besides the fact that I didn’t have to climb on it or schlep it around a room at all over the weekend, this project let it show off it’s versatility that attracted me to it in the first place. We were able to turn it into 2 sawhorses to use for painting, which was a gazillion times better on the back than the recycling bins I set up for painting the pieces that didn’t fit on the sawhorses.

Painting on sawhorses

Painting baseboards in the garage

We managed to install the baseboards in the Blue Room Sunday night and came back to install them in the Red Room after work on Tuesday night.

But it’s late now, this post is already really long, describing the baseboard process deserves its own post, and I need to get up early to finish up a few things in the house tomorrow (have I mentioned that we’re moving on TUESDAY….which is in only 3 days…..and I’m kinda stressed out about that). So I’m going to end this one now and continue in another post. If I survive Tuesday….

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