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My love-hate relationship with our ladder

With all of the painting, I’ve been putting in a lot of time on our new ladder.

It’s really cool – expands up to a 13 foot ladder for use outside but collapses down to a step ladder or any height in between. Can even become 2 step ladders. Place a board between the 2 step ladders & you have saw horses – I totally need those for future projects. We could use it for all of our laddering needs, so efficient. What more could we ask for?

Werner 13 ft. Telescoping Ladder

What a cute little ladder


Werner 13ft expandable ladder

Partially expanded

Things that seem too good to be true often are. I was quickly discovering the downside of our versatile little/big friend. Even though I was only using it as a 4-6 ft ladder, I was schleping around a 13ft ladder….constantly. Painting a room generally requires a lap of taping (crown molding and/or tops of windows & doors). And then a lap for getting a coat of primer up high. Maybe 1-2 laps of painting the crown molding. 2 laps for cutting in the paint at the top of the walls. And if you’re really lucky, another lap for touch-ups. That’s a lot of laps. Granted, Hugh did some of them. But I was definitely feeling every one of the ones I did by the end of each weekend.

I’m starting to really dislike that ladder. But I still remember the good times when we first met. It was a magical time full of imagining all of the things we’d do together. Maybe we got too close too fast and spent too much time together at the very beginning. Hopefully we just need a little space and we’ll be able to repair our relationship once we’re not seeing so much of each other.

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