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Just gotta take that first step

With all of the home renovation projects in our future, I finally have something blog-worthy to write about. I thought it could be a great way to chronicle our renovation adventures and keep everyone informed of the progress we’re making turning our new house into our long-term home. Maybe it will be a way to motivate us to keep going when we start slacking off and getting too comfortable - can’t have this blog out there where I’m supposed to write about our progress when we’re not making any progress. And I’m sure there will be disasters and hiccups that everyone will find amusing (hopefully I will too, at least when I can look back at them).

So in my usual fashion I thought about this a lot when we started looking at homes. And then when we found our house and I realized how many projects there were going to be, I thought about it even more. Eventually I started making lists of possible domain names - I’m totally into lists as a way to procrastinate actually doing the work that the list is for (my packing lists are great and really help as I finally motivate myself to put stuff in a suitcase an hour before I have to leave). Then the domain list was pushed aside by the actual house project list, project supply/tool list and packing list. 

But then we got the keys to the house. And started on our renovation the next day (details in the next post). Finally I realized that if I didn’t get this blog thing started soon, we’d be all done. Which doesn’t make for interesting reading. So I bought the domain.

And tried to figure out the perfect design, structure, logo, etc for this little blog. Surprisingly, I couldn’t make everything perfect in the few hours I had before we left to spend the long weekend in the new house taking “Labor Day” way too literally. And then the next few nights after work we were still recovering from the work we did over the weekend so I didn’t have the energy to work on this thing.

Now it’s Friday night (don’t I live a glamorous life?) and we’ll be headed back to the house for another renovation weekend. We move at the end of the month so all of our free time will be dedicated to fixing up the house or packing up our apartment. I don’t think that making my blog pretty & perfect makes it to the top of the priority list.

But I still want to chronicle our progress. So I’m just going to put this out there, otherwise I’ll never get started. It’ll be a work in progress. Get the basics done. Come to terms with the fact that it won’t be perfect on launch day. Improve it over time.

As we renovate the house, I’ll work on renovating this site too. Wonder which one will be done first?

Our new house


  1. Freddie says:

    From the outside, it looks perfect. Do personalities change while doing a project such as this?

    1. Jami says:

      So far we’re both pretty calm and it hasn’t changed how we act at all. It probably helps that things have gone relatively smoothly. But it’s still early in the process…

  2. George says:

    Looks like a really nice house – but I don’t envy you for all the work you’re doing. I am sure that you will be very happy when it’s all done.

    1. Jami says:

      Thanks! We’re actually having fun doing this in a perverse kind of way. But I think it won’t “all” be done for a few years. Right now we’re rushing to finish the walls & floors of the 2 bedrooms before we move in 2 weeks. After that, we’ll tackle our our house projects at a more reasonable rate.

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