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There’s a new saying in my life that is making it increasingly difficult to get things done quickly: What would Mike Holmes do? Or WWMHD?

For those of you who don’t know who Mike Holmes is, you obviously don’t spend most of your spare time watching HGTV. I, on the other hand, have gone from obsessively watching the shows about house hunting to obsessively watching the shows about home renovations.

But even before I cared about the home reno shows, I was obsessed with Holmes on Homes. It was mainly because he did such amazing work and really hit home how costly it could be trying to cut corners and save a few dollars with home renovations. And it was also partly because I have a thing for Canadians. I now have a huge crush on Mike Holmes.

So to get back to WWMHD. Every time Hugh or I want to quickly finish up a task, the other person will often ask if that’s what Mike would do. Of course the answer is ‘no.’ Which leads to more work. And I know that it will mean that it will last a lot longer and look a lot better, but all of this work is HARD. And I’m TIRED. But I’m ashamed that Mike would be disappointed at me so I try to do it the right way in the end.

P.S. – anyone know where I can get a pair of brown overalls in Hugh’s size?

scraping paint from crown molding

Mike would insist on scraping the old peeling paint off

removing vinyl tiles

And would want us to remove the vinyl that was under the carpet before installing wood floors

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  1. Freddie Lieberman says:

    I love Mike, too.

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